Real Wood Smoked Flavor

Wood Chips

You just can't have great BBQ without that Real Wood Smoked Flavor.  There are several ways to get that great flavor no matter what type of grill you are using.

Think of wood in sizes, Chips, Chunks, and Mini Logs.

Chips were created to add wood smoke flavor to food when using alternative fuel such as gas or electricity; however, they can also be used  with charcoal.

Wood Chips are the smallest size.  These pieces are typically either squared off at approximately 1 inch by 1 inch or are long and narrow.

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The greatest part about using chips is that there are so many different flavors available to create your own unique flavor blend.


See the WOOD CHIP page for details.

Wood Chunks

Chunks can be used with charcoal to add smoke flavor, or they can replace charcoal as the fuel source altogether.

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Wood Mini Logs

Mini Logs are intended for smokers that have large fire boxes with room for allot of smoke.

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100% Natural

Keep in mind that all of our wood is natural.  We simply cut it, heat treat it, and bag it.  There are no chemicals or anything else added.

Wood Chunks are the next size up.  These larger pieces of wood average about the size of your fist.

Wood Mini Logs are the largest size that WESTERN makes.  These 8 to 10 inch logs come as split wood and round branches.  We also through in some smaller pieces to help get the fire going.  If you have a heavy-duty smoker or you are cooking over a fire pit, Mini Logs are the way to go.


See the MINI LOG page for details.

Chunks can be used with charcoal to smoke flavor, or they can replace charcoal as the fuel source altogether.


See the WOOD CHUNK page

for details.

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