Wood Chips

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Chips were created to add wood smoke flavor to food when using alternative fuel such as gas or electricity; however, they can also be used  with charcoal.

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Wood Chunks

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Chunks can be used with charcoal to add smoke flavor, or they can replace charcoal as the fuel source altogether.

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Wood Mini Logs

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Mini Logs are intended for smokers that have large fire boxes and as firewood for fire pits and fireplaces.

See the MINI LOG page for details.


Spices produced by WESTERN were created by some of the best Competition Cooks in the nation.  We currently offer Jack Daniel's Rubs and Steak Seasoning with a whole lot more to come.

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We've got just about everything you need for a great BBQ experience.



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The quality of Jack Daniel's extends into the world of barbecue with products, accessories, and a world barbecue competition to boot.



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100% NATURAL - In today’s world we have all learned the value of a natural product, especially when it comes to cooking. There are no chemicals used in any part of manufacturing our wood products. Also because of the purity of wood products vs. charcoal briquettes they only leave about a 2% residual ash in your BBQ pit to clean out. Charcoal briquettes depending on the quality will leave between 18% - 28% residual ash due to all the chemical binders that hold the briquettes together. Although several people add cooking chunks to their charcoal fire for flavor, the only way to cook completely naturally is to use 100% wood.

QUALITY – W W Wood, Inc. has been manufacturing cooking wood products for more than 25 years. Over these years we have realized the importance of consistency to you, our customers. We take great pride in the sizing and the drying process we use in the production of our wood products. The monitoring of the consistency of the moisture content we provide you our customer is what sets us apart from most cooking wood producers. Our products are dried in approximate batches of 10,000 pounds.  Each batch is tested for moisture content and recorded for guaranteed consistency.

STARTS FAST, BURNS HOTTER – Because we dry our product to a consistent moisture content, this not only kills any bugs that may be in the natural wood, but it also helps in the fire starting process of your barbeque. Our dried wood will allow you to start your fire and be ready to cook within 15-20 minutes. Remember, these are hardwood chunks, which burn hotter and longer than charcoal briquettes so be very careful when you are first learning to use them so as not to burn your food. Cooking off to the side of the fire will help you to prevent over-cooking until you have mastered this fuel in your pit. It may take a bit longer to cook your food at first, but once you become accustomed to using wood, there is no better fuel on the market today for adding great flavor and texture to your barbeque dishes.

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