BBQ Cooking Chunks

Chunks can also be used on small smokers, but typical smokers will require larger pieces.  Check out our Mini Logs for details.

WESTERN BBQ Cooking Chunks are primarily used on Charcoal Grills as a fuel source.  They provide the heat and smoke to get the BBQ flavor that you are looking for without coal or chemical binders you find in many charcoal briquets.

But if you still prefer to use charcoal

as your fuel source, you can add chunks to still achieve that wood fire BBQ flavor.

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Below are descriptions of each with flavor recommended food pairings.  However,

BBQ is all about what you like.

Be sure to experiment with different flavor parings and wood blends

to find out what works best for you.

Apple is one of the most popular flavors of wood for grilling or smoking in the United States.  Apple wood produces a mild yet delicate smoke with a hint of sweetness to add a very distinctive flavor to meats grilled or smoked with it.  Apple is great for pork, beef, and vegetables, as well as poultry and light meat game birds.

Cherry wood adds a mild and fruity smoke flavor similar to Apple but with a bit more punch. It is great for adding a reddish tone to the items you are cooking.  Cherry can be mixed with other fruit woods to develop a custom flavor. It can be used with vegetables, seafood, ribs, chicken, steaks, venison and beef-based sausages.

Hickory is the most commonly used wood for smoking. Hickory has a sweet to strong flavor that most people identify with pork.  But Hickory is also wonderful for smoking beef, chicken, turkey, and other poultry.

Better than pancakes on Sunday morning, Maple wood adds a mellow smoky flavor that is slightly sweet.

It pairs well with Pork and lamb but is also great poultry and fish.

Mesquite, a long-time favorite wood in the South, has a strong, sweet, hard flavor. Mesquite is great with rich, full-bodied meats like beef, duck, chicken and lamb. It can also be used to flavor seafood and vegetables.

Nothing says nature like cracking open a pecan.  And nothing is quite as sweet as a pecan pie.  Pecan woods is just as satisfying with it's tangy and sweet flavor.

Unlike Mesquite, Post Oak wood is very mild and neutral and is a great all around wood for meat smoking. It’s great for adding a mellow smoke flavor to any entrée or side dish. The balanced flavor is distinctive but not overpowering and is good for sausages, beef, lamb, seafood and vegetables.

Wood Chunks Accessories

At WESTERN, we recommend starting BBQ fires in a natural way to avoid that lighter fluid taste. Red Hot Fire Starters are the best way to get your fire going without harsh chemicals.

Fire Starters are simply made of high quality wax and sawdust. They are formed into a dense shape to promote a longer burn time to make sure your fire is burning well before the starter is finished.

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