Smokers come in a variety of styles and designs.  Pictured left is a typical Offset Smoker with the firebox completely separate from the cooking area.  This gives the freedom of adding wood to your fire without disturbing the cooking process.

Medium to large smokers require our largest line of wood products - Mini Logs.  These 8 to 12 inch logs come as split wood and round branches.  We even throw some extra small pieces in every bag as kindling to help get the fire going.

Whether the firebox is separate or not, the idea of a smoker is to have a fire on one side of your food, and the smoke stack on the other.  As the heat and smoke find their way out, your entrĂ©e gets slow smoked to perfection.

If your smoker has a small firebox, you may need to use Chunks to ensure the right fit and heat level.

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  • How to use BBQ Mini Logs

    Stack dry Mini Logs on top of a solid fire starter leaving the rough edge exposed.  If there is room, stack the wood in a tee-pee shape to allow for better oxygen flow.  Then light the fire starter.

    (Use lighter fluid if preferred.)

    Once the fire is burning well, close the fire box and allow the cooking chamber to heat up.  Put the food on when it reaches your desired temperature.  Add logs as needed for heat and smoke.  Use the vents to control the temperature.

  • Mini Log vs. Local Firewood

    There are three primary differences in our Mini Logs vs. locally cut firewood.

    Consistency, Variety, and Convenience


    With any ingredient, Consistency is key.  Wood Smoke is no different.

    At WESTERN, we kiln dry all of our wood products to a consistent moisture content so you can count on the same burn time and same smoke infusion from every bag.


    WESTERN Mini Logs come in many flavors such as Hickory, Mesquite, Oak, Pecan, Peach, and Apple.  Finding those species locally could present a problem for most people.


    Mini Logs are "mini" because their 8 to 12 inch size fits in just about any smoker.  So you won't have to spend time and energy chopping up firewood to the right size.

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