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  • BBQ Smoking Chips

    WESTERN® BBQ Smoking Chips are primarily used to add wood smoke flavor to food cooked on gas and charcoal grills or on electric smokers. The great part about using chips is that there are so many different flavors available, you can create your own unique combination.

  • BBQ Cooking Chunks

    Chunks are great to use with charcoal for added flavor, but for best results and completely natural cooking, use only 100% wood chunks.

    Chunks can be used in dozens of different types of grills to add that wonderful wood smoke flavor to your barbeque dishes.

  • BBQ Mini Logs

    Mini Logs are great for cooking for longer periods of time or when cooking great amounts of food on medium to large grills and smokers. At around 10" long, these Mini Logs are also ideal for fire pits, fireplaces, and campfires.

  • Spices

    For years, WESTERN has been saying, "The Flavor is in the Smoke!"


    Well, that's still true.  There is no better way to barbeque than with real, natural wood.  However, that's not to say you shouldn't add spices or rubs to compliment the flavor of the wood.

  • BBQ Accessories

    WESTERN's Red Hot Fire Starters will get your wood or charcoal burning without any chemical aroma.


    Use our Grilling Planks to add wood flavor to fish, steaks, burgers, veggies, or just about anything you can grill.


    And our Cedar Wraps will surround your food with flavor.

  • Jack Daniel's BBQ Products

    Every drop of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is made in Lynchburg, Tennessee at America's oldest registered distillery. The folks there still use the same care and methods that Jack Daniel established back in 1866. This commitment to quality, along with unique charcoal-mellowed flavor, has led to Jack Daniel's recognition around the world, a simple reminder that quality never goes out of style.

    That quality extends into the world of BBQ with accessories and flavor options.

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