There's nothing quite like a nice glowing fire on a cool winter evening.  With it's subtle crackles, soothing warmth, and classic aroma, time seems to slow and all the world seems just a little bit better.

These 8 to 12 inch logs are already cut down to the perfect size.  They are packaged for your convenience so there is no mess and no clean up. Plus, all of our wood has been treated for pests through a non-chemical,  Kiln Drying process, so you know that you and your home are safe.

But with finding the wood you want, cutting it into the right size, storing it all, and cleaning up the mess (inside and out), it takes a great deal of work to get to the relaxation.


That's where Western Mini Logs come in.

And with Mini Logs, you have so many species to choose from, you can get the perfect aroma that is right for you and your occasion.

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  • Mini Logs vs. Local Firewood

    There are three primary differences in our Mini Logs vs. locally cut firewood.

    Consistency, Variety, and Convenience


    With any ingredient, Consistency is key.  Wood Smoke is no different.

    At WESTERN, we kiln dry all of our wood products to a consistent moisture content so you can count on the same burn time and pest-free wood from every bag.


    WESTERN Mini Logs come in many flavors such as Hickory, Mesquite, Oak, Pecan, Peach, Apple, and PiƱon.  Finding those species locally could present a problem for most people.


    Mini Logs are "mini" because their 8 to 12 inch size fits in just about any fireplace.  So won't have to spend time and energy chopping up firewood to the right size.

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