Electric Smoker

Electric smokers are designed for wood chips.  They all come with a built in tray to add chips.  Combine great wood smoke flavor with the steady control of electricity, and you've got one of the easiest ways to smoke your favor meats.

Wood Chips are typically either squared off at approximately 1 inch by 1 inch

or are long and narrow.

More Info

  • How to use BBQ Smoking Chips

    Consult the user guide for your particular brand and model of smoker as they will differ.

    Typically, an electric smoker will have a wood tray inside at the bottom.  Some are loaded by opening the main door.  Others can be loaded from the side or underneath as to not disrupt the smoking process.

    These trays vary in sizes starting at around half a cup.  You will have to add more chips occasionally depending on how long you are smoking your item.  Again, see you owner's manual for details.

  • Don't soak your wood chips

    Many people advocate soaking chips prior to using them.  However, by doing so you are only delaying the smoking process.   As the wet chips warm up, the liquid begins to evaporate causing steam instead of smoke.  The chips will have to dry out again before they start smoking.  This is why wet chips seem to "last longer."


    However, as electric smokers vary, be sure to read your manufacturer's instructions before proceeding.

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