BBQ Accessories Grilling Planks

Sometimes the right Accessory can make all the difference.  We've got items to help you get started, add some extra flavor to the process.

Grilling Planks are the perfect way to create your own gourmet style at home. These disposable planks will help you add a beautiful balance of flavor to your seafood, veggies, poultry or just about anything you like.

Although they are best known for cooking fish, Grilling Planks are great for cooking just about anything.  Here are some ideas.

Available in Cedar and Cherry

Grilling Wraps

Surround your entrĂ©e with flavor by using Grilling Wraps.  These paper thin slices of wood wrap all the way around the food being cooked to give a one-of-a-kind taste.

Try them with seafood, vegetables, poultry, or pork.

Red Hot Fire Starters

At WESTERN, we recommend starting BBQ fires in a natural way to avoid that lighter fluid taste. Red Hot Fire Starters are the best way to get your fire going without harsh chemicals.

They are also weather resistant so they are a safe, alternative fuel for starting campfires.

Fire Starters are simply made of high quality wax and sawdust. They are formed into a dense shape to promote a longer burn time to make sure your fire is burning well before the starter is finished.

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