Break a Fire Starter in half.  You only use half a stick for a normal BBQ fire.

Build a pyramid of wood on top of the starter, or place it under your stack of wood if you have left the room.  Make sure the rough edge is exposed.  For larger fires, you may want to place a half a stick on opposite sides of the wood stack.

Then light the rough edge.

The starter will burn down igniting the wood. The grooves along the sides help keep oxygen flowing for a complete burn. So by the time you are cooking, the starter is completely gone.

Fire Starters also work great with Chimney Starters because they burn longer than just using paper.

At WESTERN, we recommend starting BBQ fires in a natural way to avoid that lighter fluid taste. Red Hot Fire Starters are the best way to get your fire going without harsh chemicals.

They are also weather resistant so they are a safe, alternative fuel for starting campfires.

How to use Red Hot Fire Starters:

Fire Starters are simply made of high quality wax and sawdust. They are formed into a dense shape to promote a longer burn time to make sure your fire is burning well before the starter is finished.

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