Wood ChUNKs

Chunks can be used instead of charcoal as your fuel source in kettle grills and small smokers.

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See the WOOD CHUNK page for details.

Wood Chunks are approximately fist sized pieces of wood.  You light them and let them burn down before you cook over them just like charcoal.

Oak works great as a base for heat because the mild flavor it creates.  You can then add other types of wood to it just like you would charcoal.  Or, for a bold flavor, cook over your favorite wood.  You can even mix and match to customize your smoke.

Lump Charcoal

Lump Charcoal is natural charcoal.  Use it wherever you would typically use briquettes.

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See the LUMP CHARCOAL page for details.

Lump Charcoal is natural charcoal.  If you like cooking over charcoal, but want to stay away from the chemicals that are in briquettes, then give them a tryLump typically burns hotter and longer than briquettes, so it is great for hot and fast steaks, or low and slow BBQ.

Mini Logs & Firewood

Mini Logs are a great source of heat whether it's in your large smoker, your fire pit, or your fireplace.

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See the MINI LOG page for details.

Wood Mini Logs have a multitude of uses.  These 8 to 10 inch logs come as split wood and round branches with some smaller pieces to help get the fire going.


They are perfect for heavy-duty smokers, but are also great for fit pits and fireplaces.


Additionally, they are also ideal for camping since you typically have to bring your own wood into national parks.

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