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Mini Logs are great for cooking for longer periods of time or when cooking great amounts of food on medium to large grills and smokers. At around 10" long, these Mini Logs are also ideal for fire pits, fireplaces, and campfires.




under USDA Protocol T-314-a.

Compliance Agreement Permit No. TDA-271

Fire pit provided by South Texas Firepits.

Using WESTERN Mini Logs in your fireplace is more convenient than the dirty, backbreaking work of loading up bulk firewood.  Since each flavor of wood gives off a different aroma, you can create whatever atmosphere you want.

In fact, Piñon Mini Logs are made specifically for fire pits, fireplaces, and chimineas and are not intended to cook over.

When camping in many state and national parks, you are required to bring in your own wood for campfires.   WESTERN Mini Logs are easy to carry on your camping trips.

Mini Logs are also perfect for Fire Pits and Fireplaces.

What does KILN DRIED mean?

All of our products are KILN DRIED.  This means that we heat treat our wood to dry it.  This lowers the moisture content to an average of 18 to 22%.

Why is KILN DRIED is important?


By drying all of our wood, our customers get the

same product from one bag to another.

This is important to help you achieve the same results every time you cook.


Kiln drying also get rid of anything living in the wood without chemical treatment.


With WESTERN Wood, you get a consistent product that is completely natural.

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