Add Even More Flavor

From prep to finished product, WESTERN has got your flavor covered.


Spices produced by WESTERN were created by some of the best Competition Cooks in the nation.

WESTERN has flavors from one of the biggest brands in the world, Jack Daniel's, and from BBQ Superstar, Ernest Servantes of the Burnt Bean Co..


See SPICES page for details.

Spices are just simply part of the BBQ process.  Whether you rub them on to marinate overnight, or you are adding them just before you put the meat on, Spices can add the flavor profile you are looking for.

BBQ Finishing Glazes

Created in Competition.  Bottled for the backyard.  This secret which the pros have using for years is now available to the general public.

Grilling PLanks

Cedar Grilling Planks add a whole new dimension to BBQ.  They create a flat, yet flavorful surface to cook on.

Cedar Grilling Planks are best know for cooking fish but are a wonderful way to add flavor to just about any food you grill.  And because they create a flat surface, they also keep sauces from falling through the grill.


See the GRILLING PLANKS page for details.

These glazes were developed for the three meat categories in competition:  Chicken, Pork, and Brisket, but they also add a shiny, flavorful finish to just about any culinary creation.  Free basting brush included.

No MSG, Gluten Free


See the BBQ FINISHING GLAZES page for details.

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